How to Have a Healthy Halloween!
Posted on 12/09/2015


The month of October is an exciting one for both kids and adults. The weather begins to turn cooler, the leaves start to fall, and Halloween is on its way, along with plenty of sugary sweets. At Fitzgerald Dentistry, we believe that our patients should be able to have a good time, but in moderation. Good oral hygiene during Halloween time can prevent the need for a visit to your Walnut Creek dentist. Follow these tips to keep everyone's mouths happy all month long.

Choose the Right Treats

As top cosmetic dentists in Walnut Creek, Drs. Fitzgerald, Verano, and Pampalone have seen firsthand what can happen when patients eat the wrong Halloween treats. Sweets that are sticky or gooey can cause sugars to remain on the teeth and lead to decay. Candy that can melt quickly, like chocolate, is a better option because the sugars don't hang around in the mouth as long. Kids, and parents, should brush as soon as possible after eating a treat.

Get Rid of the Extras

After trick-or-treating, kids should not have access to all of their candy. Instead, put it somewhere where they can't get to it, allowing them to pick a piece occasionally. Parents need to avoid grazing on their kids' candy as well, as doing so may result in the need for treatment at a dentist in Walnut Creek.

Fill Up on Healthy Foods

Before heading out to knock on doors on Halloween night, it is a good idea to serve up a healthy meal. Children who fill up on nutrient-rich foods are less likely to overeat the candy that they score at the neighbor's house. Try making a fun dinner of Halloween-themed foods that are filling and satisfying without being full of the sugars that can damage teeth.

Contact Dr. Fitzgerald Today!

Drs. Fitzgerald, Verano, and Pampalone are skilled dentists in Walnut Creek, can provide more information and oral hygiene tips. Give him a call at 925-934-5420. On behalf of all of us at Fitzgerald Dentistry, have a healthy and happy Halloween!