Flossing Not Needed?
Posted on 08/10/2016
FlossingFLOSSING NOT NEEDED? -- Can it be true?
As with most everything you hear in the news you need to read in the lines.  Recently it was reported that a government agency dropped flossing as a recommendation.  Here is the real story:
Agency: Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC)
Purpose: Make dietary guidelines.
Recent Activity: Dropped flossing as a recommendation for dietary guidelines.
Meaning: The DGAC made a deliberate decision to focus on food and nutrient intake. It was a bureaucratic  decision.   Does it mean flossing is not needed?   NO!  The Surgeon General, The Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the American Dental Association (ADA) all recommend daily flossing.  After decades of observing the problem associated with not flossing, Dr. Fitzgerald recommends it too!