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Many people develop tooth decay that leads them to require dental fillings. In fact, it is estimated that nearly 80% of all Americans have had one cavity by the time they reach the age of 17. A dental filling is designed to seal a cavity or small hole in the tooth caused by decay. A filling prevents the decay from spreading further into the tooth. If a cavity is not treated, the decay can reach the inner pulp of the tooth located in the root canal wherein root canal treatment is necessary.

Types of Fillings

There are two broad categories of dental fillings: Metal fillings and tooth-colored fillings. Both come with their own unique set of advantages & disadvantages of which we will gladly discuss with you in detail.

Metal Fillings

Our practice offers two types of metal fillings including:

Metal Filling.

Metal Fillings.Amalgam Fillings -

Silver-colored fillings made of an alloy consisting of mercury, silver, tin & copper.

Cast Gold Fillings - Gold-colored fillings made of a combination of gold and other metals.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

We offer our patients several types of tooth-colored fillings including:

Tooth-Colored Filling.

Tooth-Colored Fillings.Composite Fillings – Fillings made with a combination of plastic and glass.

Porcelain Fillings – Dental fillings made with advanced dental ceramics.

Glass Lonomer Fillings – Translucent fillings made of acrylic and glass powders.

When you visit us for tooth decay treatment, we will discuss with you the pros and cons of various types of fillings that are best suited for you. Some fillings, such as amalgam fillings, are more noticeable and less expensive than other types, while the more costly fillings blend in with your natural teeth for better aesthetics. 

What to Expect After Getting a Filling

The numbness you feel from the local anesthesia will wear off within a couple of hours. Until then, avoid drinking hot or cold beverages and do not chew on the side of your mouth that has the new filling. It is normal to have some hot and/or cold sensitivity for the first week or two after getting a new filling. If this persists or you have any discomfort when biting down, contact our office, as we may need to make some minor bite adjustments to your filling.

Maintaining your new filling is easy. Simply continue to practice good oral hygiene by regularly brushing & flossing your teeth and visit us bi-annually for routine dental exams and cleanings.

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