As your general dentist in Walnut Creek, our goal is to help you maintain your natural teeth for life by preventing tooth decay and other diseases in their earliest stages. That’s why we offer comprehensive preventative dentistry care to keep your smile brighter for longer. By addressing problems before they manifest, we are able to provide our patients with quality dental care at an affordable cost. 

Preventative Dentistry Services

Our services range from successful basic procedures to more advanced technological innovations, including: 

  • Cleanings - Professional cleanings remove disease-causing dental plaque and tartar from your teeth in hard-to-reach areas near the gum line.
  • Dental Sealants - These invisible plastic coatings fill the tiny grooves in back teeth to prevent bacteria from collecting and forming cavities.
  • Fluoride - This mineral can be applied directly to your teeth to help them become stronger and more decay resistant.
  • Laser Decay Diagnosis - Laser light can be used to detect early tooth decay quickly and easily, right in the dental office. 
  • Mouthguards - Athletic mouthguards are designed to minimize traumatic injury to both the hard and soft tissues of the mouth. The best mouthguards are custom-made for you by your dentist.
  • Oral Cancer Screenings - These screenings are a routine part of every regular dental exam to ensure early detection and treatment.
  • Salivary Diagnostics - While this is still a new development in the field of preventive dentistry, it is possible to detect the presence of certain diseases with a saliva test.
  • X-Rays - CAT scans are an indispensable tool to diagnose tooth decay, gum disease, bone density, bone volume, and tumors.

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In conjunction with your maintaining a good oral hygiene routine of daily effective brushing and flossing at home, preventative dentistry is the best way to prevent dental disease, tooth loss, and the need for more complex dental treatment. Take care of your smile and contact our Walnut Creek dental office to schedule your appointment today!